How to Tackle A Tough Space

Every project has its own unique design challenges. Maybe the room is too small to accommodate your long wish list, or maybe the existing pieces aren't your style but they have to stay to make the budget go further. Whatever the reason, for most people, getting started is half of the battle. Here are my 5 favorite tips for getting started on a project when you're feeling a little stuck! 

1. Make a "Wish List" 

I always start all of my consultations by asking clients how they want to use their space. Is it currently a never-used formal living room that you are dying to make into your dream home office? What are your "must-haves" to make this room your own? How will the space best function to serve the people who need to use it and what pieces will make that happen. Make sure to list everything from the key pieces of furniture down to the accessories and pillows! 

2. Make a Houzz or Pinterest Book

If you've even remotely started thinking about your project you probably have a few pictures stashed away on your favorite inspiration site, but now it's time to fine tune those boards. Try narrowing your searches to more specifically match what your ideal space looks like. Instead of "bathroom renovations" search "vintage black and white bathrooms", or instead of "mudrooms" try "colorful mudrooms with locker storage." These more specific boards will quickly give you a good idea of what your new room will look like when you're done! 

3. Find one thing that inspires you

Now that you have a few images collected in your refined Pinterest board, comb through them for one specific item that you just can't live without. Maybe it's a piece of original art that you fell in love with at a gallery a few months ago, or maybe it's a super cool geometric rug that caught your eye. Whatever it is will serve as your starting point for your room, and as long as you make sure that everything else you purchase will compliment this focal point, you'll have a dream room in no time! 

4. Draw it out

Sometimes taking your ideas to paper is the best way to get your creative juices flowing. Grab some graph paper and a pencil and you're all set. Sketch the shape of your room and then start to fill the furniture, big pieces first. You'll quickly see if everything on your wish list will fit into your space. Don't stress too much about your drawing skills, there's nothing a good eraser can't fix!

5. Start Small

Once you know what exactly will fit into your space, you can turn your "wish list" into a "shopping list" and start crossing things off! I always suggest starting with your inspiration piece, and then working your way out from there! And don't worry, this part can take time. A collected room is a beautiful room, so just keep your shopping list handy and you'll find the perfect pieces when the time is right!