Taking the Leap

I always encourage my clients to go for at least one thing in a room that scares them. It pushes them outside their comfort zone into a style that they may not have considered on their own, and 99% of the time it ends up being the single thing they love most about a space. 

Since I'm a professional at giving advice I thought it was about time I took my own. 

Starting a blog has forever been at the top of my to-do list but has always left me a little nervous. Big things come when you take a leap, so, here goes nothing! 

To get us going, here are 5 things you should know about me and what you can expect to find on LMC: The Blog.

1. My happy place is a long walk with my dogs & my husband. A hike up our local mountain with two crazy yellow labs is sure to be entertainment for anyone, and sharing it with my other half just makes it even better!

2. My design style is fluid. If you asked me today I would describe it as casual modern- clean lines, neutral colors with lots of pretty textures and patterns and tons of natural materials. 

3. I've fallen in love with a third world country, and I feel like a part of me will always belong in Haiti. The sweet faces of those beautiful children make me smile on my very worst days. I'm constantly counting down the days until I can visit them again.

4 The best part of every design are the personal touches that I promise to incorporate in a new and beautiful way. Family heirlooms, photo galleries, a vintage cookie jar, a cross from a mission trip all make a design unique and cherished. 

5. I promise to make this blog full of design inspiration, stories of my adventures, and real life design. No HGTV glamor here, just the beautiful homes of my sweet clients who invite me into their lives to help make their houses a place they can call home.