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Euro Pleat

Inverted Pleat

Ripple Fold

Pinch Pleat

Tie Top Pleat

Flat Panel

Rod Pocket


Roman Shades

Functional and Faux 


There are many styles to choose from. Please                 for more info.

Drapery Lining

We offer a selection of linings to meet your specific needs...

  • Privacy 

  • Blackout

  • Thermal 

Curtain lining offers many benefits to your custom drapes.  Probably the most significant benefit of lining your custom curtains is the increased lifespan.  Adding a lining adds more volume and body to your curtains and it enhances the color of the fabric on the face side of your curtain. It also offers protection against weathering and discoloration from UV light.  A thermal curtain lining helps to regulate temperature and can dampen sound.

 Natural Shades and Roller Shades

Horizons Shades

Header Styles for your Custom Drapes

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